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Cooper Journal: Stay inspired with Evernote

As long as I can remember, I’ve maintained an library of inspirational imagery. I’m always consuming visually appealing material, so if I find something, I grab it, whether it’s an interesting font, photograph, texture, color palette, icon, or UX pattern. Growing as a visual designer means keeping up with the ever-shifting trends and visual innovations out there in the world, and a library of inspiration can be a place to stockpile the state-of-the-art.


Cooper Journal: Stay inspired with Evernote

Mobile ★ Boilerplate

Mobile Boilerplate is your trusted template made custom for creating rich and performant mobile web apps. You get cross-browser consistency among A-grade smartphones, and fallback support for legacy Blackberry, Symbian, and IE Mobile. You get an offline caching setup for free, fast button clicks, a media query polyfill, and many common mobile WebKit optimizations waiting for you. Use Mobile Boilerplate to start your mobile webapp quickly and immediately benefit from community best practices.

Mobile Boilerplate

LinkedIn and Lovin It, Rockable

Over 120 million professionals use LinkedIn, but how strong is your professional network? LinkedIn veteran and professional writer Susan Johnston teaches you how to build a rock solid LinkedIn network that can be a constant source for recommendations and referrals.

LinkedIn and Lovin It | Rockable Press

I just picked up my copy. Going to dig into after I hit post!




Need a Freelance job? Here are a few of my favorite freelance job boards.

Tired of watching NCIS reruns on USA network? Why not spend that time working on a freelance gig. Here are a few job boards I’ve found to get you started.

Http startupers com

StartUp Jobs from StartUpers

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Convert a 3D model into a relief with zbrush4

Availability: Currently Accepting Freelance Work. Hire Me